Blow moulding machines

Plastics processing and machinery manufacturing go hand in hand at Koetke. This tandem allows synergies to be exploited in an ideal manner for the benefit of both companies. After establishment of the Kunststoffverarbeitung Koetke the engineering company Maschinenbau Koetke GmbH was founded in 1988.

MBK develops and manufactures blow moulding machines which are equipped especially for the manufacturing of technical parts, but are also suitable for the segment of plastic packing materials. The modular designed machines can be optimized at each time, respectively the standard components can be easily exchanged and upgraded.

The requirements placed by the customers are as diverse as the areas of application for blow-moulded plastic parts. Every machine will be designed correspondingly and can be equipped with diverse peripherals as complete manufacturing station, if required.

Professional consulting and extensive service form the key skills of our company.